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November 22, 2011


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Katie Jones

I ran the 2011 Athens Marathon with this group. After hearing Jeff's pre-race talk, I changed my mind the night before the race and decided to run/walk. I chose to do a 3:1 ratio. It was a spectacular race! My finishing time was 6 minutes faster than I was hoping to RUN the entire race. Not only did I have fun during the entire race, I stopped to take pictures (oh, the horrors! lol), use the porta-potties :) and then I proceeded to pass well over 150 people during the last 7K I ran fully. In fact, my speed, according to the MyPace info provided by Marathon-Photos.com, was fastest at the end :)

I can't wait to do my second marathon... after having trained with this method!

Regulo Zapata

Thank you Jeff, for sharing such an extraordinary & fascinating story of this Historical Ancient event on running Marathons in Athens Greece. Its great news and very inspirational to hear of your recent 17th annual "pilgrimage" in running the Marathon in Athens Greece this year 2011. I wish I could have been there with you. There is definitely something that makes me want to go visit this historical place in Athens Greece to run the Marathon with you next year. My wife and I plan on doing this Marathon Run in Athens Greece next year! We did miss you at this years Big Sur Half Marathon Monterey Bay on Nov 20, 2011. It was such a beautiful day running along the beaches thru Cannery Row and Pacific Grove Costal Beaches. We read you book (Galloway Training Programs) and the tips have helped in running the Half Marathon, but we look forward to running the Full Marathon in January 2012. Thank you Jeff, I enjoyed reading your Blog Newsletter. Keep up the great work see next year 2012.

Regulo Zapata Jr.


I ran this in 1995 when I lived in Crete. It was an epic race that is the crowning achievement of my athletic life!
To run in the same place as the ancients...Starting IN Marathon! It's a thrill that will be hard to ever match.
It's also the place of my best Marathon time 4:20.

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