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January 04, 2010


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Hey Jeff, One more thing I'd like to add in regards to running in the snow...either use YakTraks or screws in your shoes to help with traction. I live in Spokane, WA and for the last two winters we have had over 3 FEET of snow on the ground which has made running….interesting. I’ve tried YakTraks and really haven’t had a lot of success, but using simple sheet metal screws have made a WORLD of difference. Here’s a link to pictures of where and how to put the screws in:

Hope this helps someone.

Amanda Johansen

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and you are absolutely right about runners up here; I usually see at least two runners every single day in the winter!

I'd like to run outside, but I worry about falling on ice. Several weeks ago, we had a very wet and slushy snowfall, which immediately turned to ice and hasn't thawed since. Most sidewalks have been cleared of snow but still have a thick, slick layer of ice. How can I run on ice without falling?

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