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March 24, 2010


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Excellent post. I was out running today, (6 miles) and was doing 2 min run/2 walk but toward the end was really getting pooped. Tomorrow I'm going to dial it back a bit. I love knowing how well your program works and enjoy the running so much because of it.

Rick Wintheiser

Jeff, thanks for this post. I kind of discovered this by accident and have been using it for longer runs that I would like to do better time wise. It is kind of counter intuitive though... how can I walk more but run faster! I will be testing this theory more on April 3 when I do 15 miles at the Croom Fools Run near Brooksville FL. I have run three half marathons using 4:1 or 3:1 with some success but I am really wiped at the end. I will try 2 min run: 30 second walk for the race. Thanks for all you do.

Melissa Olsen

This is great! I never even thought of this. Am training for my first half and yesterday went 10 miles for the first time using the 3:1 run walk ration. Around the eighth or ninth mile, I experienced significant hip/knee pain. Some IT stretches afterward kinda saved the day but maybe this method might help! Thanks so much for helping us by putting out this great info. I LOVE running (even if I am a slug)!!!


Jeff, I love your blog. As a 40-something guy, my shins truly appreciate this advice. I had been doing 6/1 run/walk, but my shins were really hurting. Today I did a 30 second/30 second experiment, and felt a lot better, plus I did shave time off of my overall pace!

Allen Leigh

Jeff, I'm a 74-year old runner who is recovering from blood clots. Yesterday I ran your 30:30 ratio and cut 4 minutes off my time for two miles. Details are in my blog at http://oldmanrunning.org/2010/03/ran-great-25-miles-in-snow-storm.html

Thanks for your suggestion!


40 looms large this year and I needed a goal to get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. While I played sports all year round after knee injuries and no cartilage left in my keens I had to give up sports and cried when I tried to run after having my first child 9 years ago. I had to do something so I set a goal of running/walking/crawling to finish a half marathon (the Cincinnati Flying Pig) the first Sunday in May – half way through the training I had an injury and had to take a week off and then slow down for a few weeks. So when I started back I used the 3/1 ratio and felt mush better but I am getting very tired past 8 miles so I think I will give this 30/30 second ratio a try on my long run of 12miles this week. Thanks for all the great info and inspiration – I will finish no matter the time!

JB White

I completed a marathon in Oct 09 using a 1:1 and we just finished a half using a 2:1 ( 2 run, 1 walk ).
My time has improved but I did notice during training that if I went to a 3:1, my time got worse, which was confusing as I assumed more running meant better time.
I have struggled trying to find the best interval for me as I have been trying to improve my pace...On my next long run, will give the 30/30 a try.

Kendall Martin

Can anyone suggest a brand of watch they like for timing the run/walk segments? I am a new runner who recently switched from walking to walk/run segments and I love it! I need a good watch that will beep at me when it is time to change from walking to running and back again. Thanks for any suggestions!


Just wanted to let you know I ran my first marathon in Big Sur after hearing you speak. Your method was drilled into me after passing your group at the beginning only to be 1/2 hour behind after the finish. Look forward to running with you in Athens this year!

Jon Zuck

@Jeff. Great post. I'm going to start experiment with halving my current ratios right away.

@Kendall, The Gymboss interval timer works well for me... you can order one from jeffgalloway.com or get one from your local running store.


It seems to me those who run a marathon and take breaks are still doing better than those who stay home!

Andy at Running for Beginners


I find interval training especially the 30 sec on/off a good work out -my distances have reached nearly 6k for 30mins doing the 30 seconds run/ walk - occasionally I do an hour ( Well over 10K) - I would recommend this to any would be runner !
Great Post

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