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May 26, 2009


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I've run in a few 5k's and 10ks. I've hating running most of the time...but so happy to have done it. I just picked up your book, "Running Getting Started" and I tried your run/walk method last night. Can I tell you I have NEVER enjoyed running more? I didn't think it was possible to enjoy running. I've just done it for health reasons. But your method doesn't overwhelm me! Thank you SO much. Now I have a goal of doing a half-marathon, and then...who knows? God Bless You!


I like this. I am a 3:30 marathoner. My wife is running her first this year, Las Vegas in December. She walked a half marathon in 3:33. She could probably walk for 5 hours plus. How much more training do you think she would need to complete the marathon in 5 to 5:30 using a 1:1 ratio? I like the idea of continung to run marathons injury free until you are 100!

christi s

Hi Jeff,

I am currently training for my first marathon, following your training schedule (awesome, by the way!). I sometimes train indoors on the treadmill, which is very easy to keep track of the intervals. What do you recommend for keeping track of intervals when out on the path? I've tried counting to myself and get bored/lose count real fast!

Thanks so much!
Christi S.

Jeff Galloway

Christi: I recommend two items - a run-walk-run timer called the GymBoss or the Timex Ironman 100 Lap watch. Both items are available on my website - http://www.jeffgalloway.com/detail.aspx?ID=49

Jeff Galloway

Dherren: check out my book Galloway Training Programs for complete marathon training schedules. Your wife will want to use the "magic mile" during her training to determine realistic marathon training and race day goals. http://www.jeffgalloway.com/detail.aspx?ID=11

Walk-Running in Mexico

Hello Jeff and walk/runners,

I recently posted in another blog entry about trying 1:1 for a 10K race. I´ve been walk/running for years now, from 5 to 50+ K, doing 2:2-8 walk/running intervals; but never a one minute run or walk.

I decided to try 1:1 after reading Jeff´s comment on using it at the Breast Cancer Marathon. I aimed to finish (10K) at 1:05, but approached the finish line below 1:02, walking half of the time! It pleasantly surprised me. My PRs for 10K are about 0:56 running only, 0:59 walk/running 2:4-7 and 1:01 walk/running 2:3.

Walk/running has been a good approach in wellness programs we conduct to get otherwise sedentary people into continuous and safe exercise and to improve fitness of some already active individuals. I´m about to invite and monitor a group of volunteers to start 1:1 walk/run training, and to analyze changes in their performance and some fitness components.

Will post any results as they arise. Keep walk/running,

Francisco Ysunza, Ph D


Jeff, let me say that I am now a believer/convert. I'm a relatively slow runner (avg 34:00 for a 5k). I've run countless 5k's, a couple of 10k's, and a half marathon. I read your blog about the 1:1 marathon. I decided to try it out on the most recent 5k course that I ran. My time a month ago was 34:16. I stuck to the 1:1 ratio faithfully and finished in 32:02!!! And that included standing and waiting at to stop lights that I didn't have to wait at during the race. I was anticipating an increase in my overall time and was ok with that due to the increased endurance. To say that I was pleased was an understatement. My fastest 5k time ever AND I felt great afterward. Thanks for this knowledge. See you at the 26.2 with Donna in Jax next February.

Rome, GA



The "Pace Tables for Runners and Walkers" special report at SpryFeet.com is now "Big Sur"-ready with coverage added today for these four, unusual-length Big Sur races:

* 21-Miler
* 10.6-Miler
* 9-Miler
* 3K

As with the original report, the new report -- still free -- covers flat-out running or walking as well as hundreds of combinations of running and walking paces for anyone who uses micro-level pacing (such as the 5:1 method or the 1:1 method).

Get the new report here:


Happy Racing!

- Kirk



The "Big Sur"-ready "Pace Tables for Runners and Walkers" special report at SpryFeet.com now covers these methods:

- 10:1 method
- 9:1 method
- 8:1 method
- 7:1 method
- 6:1 method

to supplement the coverage of the 5:1 method through the 1:1 method.

Your readers can still get the report free through this link:


Happy Racing!

- Kirk

P.S. The report continues to cover traditional race distances such as the marathon and half marathon, too.

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