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April 03, 2007


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Will Marquardt

Very cool! I am subscribing to your blog tonight. And, I am busy experimenting with your walk break method and writing about it at


Hi Jeff

I am looking forward to reading your blog. How much will readers comments and questions play a role in the blog?

I am a member at and post somewhat occasionally at in the jeffgalloway section. However, I have discovered that a few arrogant posters so much hate your method of walk breaks that they have poisoned the discussion. When I have asked innocently about certain training technques, I got a number of hostile replies when it was discovered I used your methods.

I think another forum is needed for Galloway runners to get advice from each other.


Wonderful. I'm one of the 200K who've done 26.2 the Gallo-way. Your books are a godsend (I have three). Recently, I responded to the elitist Gallo-critics. See "Jeff Galloway's Walk-Runners: No Class?" at
Anyhow - thanks so much!


Jeff, great to see you are blogging!! I'm a big fan and am using your method daily...just did 6x800s this morning.

Look forward to your blog. I blog on your running info as well!!


Thank you for your blog.

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